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Did you know that Diamond Shine has exceptional experience in cleaning commercial and office properties in Atlanta, GA? Diamond Shine Cleaning is keeping individuals safe with our Atlanta commercial cleaning service that addresses cleaning, disinfection, or protection needs for businesses. We provide customized professional cleaning services backed by a professional cleaning team with hospital-grade cleaning experience.

Atlanta Janitorial Services

We offer commercial cleaning services including jan­itorial services, carpeting cleaning, window washing, floor cleaning, and upholstered cleaning.

Diamond Shine Cleaning provides customized levels of protection for your commercial cleaning services to provide a more tailored service to your disinfection needs Whether you need extended surface disinfection and/or air filtration, a simpler approach to fit your facility’s busy schedule, or both, we can customize our services to meet your needs.

We Clean Multiple Facility Types

We have extensive experience working with facilities of all sizes, and we’re here to help you meet your needs. Our team members are professionally trained and experienced in addressing your facility’s unique needs and requirements.

Our Atlanta Commercial Cleaning on Your Timeline

We’ll get to know your facility better so we can create a custom cleaning and disinfecting plan for you that perfectly fits your needs. We can set up cleaning appointments at times that work best for you and your business.

Save Time & Money

Hiring a professional cleaning service can help save you money and ensure a spotless, disinfectant environment.  We’re here for the long run. We want to provide a consistent cleaning experience so our customers are always satisfied.

We’re driven to create healthy clean environments through our cleaning services.

Diamond Shine Cleaning provides a wide range of commercial cleaning services near your location that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We’ll visit your property, get to know your facilities and determine a schedule that works for you and fits within your budget. We’re here for you 24/7 to keep your space clean and help minimize sick days and boost employee productivity.

Specialized Cleaning Services

Have a unique layout or schedule concerns? We will send our cleaning crew to disinfect and clean what you want and when you want it. Make a lasting first impressions by hiring janitorial and building management services that fit any need and budget.

Unlike other commercial cleaning companies, Diamond Shine Cleaning has decades of combined commercial cleaning experience. 

Industrial Cleaning Services

Diamond Shine Cleaning provides top-tier cleaning services like no other company.

From medical facilities that require absolute cleanliness, to hallways that require carpet cleaning, to restaurants with high-volume traffic, we have the experience and cleaning crew to handle your toughest cleaning objectives. 

Why do Companies Trust Diamond Shine Cleaning?

We have the experience and resources to provide top-tier cleaning services like no other company.


We’re committed to ensuring our clients have the best experience possible. We’re trained, tracked, and committed to providing you with excellent service. 

How Much do Commercial Cleaning Services Cost in Atlanta?

Commercial cleaning services in the Atlanta area cost about $0.12 per square foot in 2019, with average commercial cleaning rates at $0.08-$0.14 per square foot in 2020, according to PriceItHere. A cleaning service for offices up to 40, 000 square feet will cost you between $4 and $0.10 per square foot. Cleaning offices up 12,000 square feet will cost between $0.09 and $0.16 per square foot.

What is Considered Commercial Cleaning?

For every type of messy situation, there is a specific way to clean it up. Commercial cleaning deals with domestic cleaning needs, but there is a wide range of commercial cleaning services, including vacuuming offices to dealing with hazardous waste. That is a good start to understanding everything you need to know to understand what commercial cleaning really means and what commercial cleaners actually clean.

Why is a Cleaning Specialist Needed for my Business?

Hazmat: Hazardous materials can be anything from used needles in a doctor’s office to nuclear waste at a power plant. It’s important that industries and premises that frequently deal with hazardous materials have their own cleaning and hygiene protocols that are followed by highly trained commercial cleaners. This keeps everybody safe, and ensures the proper disposal of any biohazards or other dangerous substances.

Hygiene Standards

Commercial cleaners clean the things that are unsightly to your customers and staff. People come to expect establishments to be clean and sanitized and when they are not, you will most likely be left with a negative review. We clean the stuff that nobody else wants to touch, or has the time to do. We have the cleaning equipment that you will not find in any regular store, cleaning equipment that is meant for larger, industrial size businesses. 

With the COVID-19 Pandemic that just doesn’t seem to go away, having your office or commercial property cleaned regularly will make your employees and clients feel more comfortable reporting to work. Diamond Shine Cleaning has decades of experience when it comes to sanitation cleaning ethics. We do not use harsh chemicals for any commercial setting. Our cleaning products are safe for humans and pets alike. If you carry your own cleaning products, we are happy to use whatever you prefer. 

Commercial Cleaning Tasks

A professional cleaning service is a great way to get your  business looking its best. We offer a variety of services that can help you maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your property, including:

  • Carpet Cleaning of office buildings
  • Floor care
  • Day to day cleaning/Daily cleaning
  • Nighttime cleaning and weekend cleaning
  • Cleaning programs available
  • Commercial floor cleaning
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning
  • Compliant cleaning
  • Construction cleaning services
  • Corporate cleaning projects
  • Deep cleaning and Depth cleaning
  • Elevator cleaning
  • Emergency cleaning
  • Building facilities
  • Disinfection to grout cleaning
  • Commercial window cleaning services
  • We honor your cleaning requirements
  • Commercial facility

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

With a healthier environment all around, you will come to expect a clean work environment, a comfortable environment and one that abides by the COVID-19 guidelines. Client satisfaction is at the top of our priority list. We also offer property maintenance plans for building owners and business owners alike. We remove hazardous waste materials away from the premises. 

Whether you need cleaning for fitness centers, medical centers, restaurants or your office building, Diamond Shine has you covered. 

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